We wish to thank everyone for the support and positive comments we have received.

As you can imagine we have had so many emails coming from people wanting to know how they can be invited to our home. In fact we have so many emails we cant keep up please be patient as we try to respond to each and everyone of you. If you have already sent an email do not send another one we will get to you. For everyone else go ahead and send an email if you are interested But remember response will be handled as fast as we can.

We personally want to thank The Omaha World Herald writers Emily Nohr and Andrew Nelson for reporting fairly and writing the truth about us! click the logos just below to listen to the mayor of Omaha statement. The second video is from kptm 42 Becka's beat. also to read the news story from the Omaha World Herald the link is http://www.omaha.com/news/metro/racy-south-omaha-venue-draws-attention-in-bottle-club-debate/article_5b1d261e-68ea-57c2-a98c-da9e080179df.html

click to watch the video from the mayor statement.