No baseball hats, no motorcycle apparel, no t-shirts that depict otherwise offensive logos. Guys please dress to impress. Ladies you can wear sexy dresses, revealing dresses but please be covered until you enter the building. Failure to follow these rules you will be asked to leave or denied entry. R-place is looking for couples/singles as long as you are respectful, and follow the house rules at all times.  Thank you for  attending our house gatherings.

Take a moment to think about your manor of dress. The way a person dresses can say a lot about what it is you are looking for. This is why we say dress for success.

Dress Pants and a nice button up or polo shirt is a minimum for men

Women feel free to wear club wear, lingerie, sexy dresses and corsets.

Don’t be afraid to dress up many do to help make it a memorable night. Please check our calendar for events we strongly encourage people to dress to theme. Our themes are designed as a way to bring people to common ground. Dressing to theme tends to make it easy to break the ice during a party.

Most common manor of dress:

Men dress in clean and respectable clothes those here to really party dress in slacks and button up shirt.

Women dress in sexy out fits ranging in sexy dresses to corsets and more provocative attire.

The following is NOT sexy club attire and is NOT permitted:

Baggy shirts or pants
Baseball type caps of any kind, beanies or skull caps
Sleeveless shirts (men), tank tops (men), T-shirts of any type (men and women)
Sports apparel of any kind unless its Theme Night
Flip-flops, athletic shoes of any color, open toe sandals (men) or work boots
Shorts of any kind (men)
Distressed jeans whether new or from wear
Anyone arriving not in dress code will NOT be allowed to enter

You are required to follow all rules while in our home, Do not break them and ruin a fun night out. We do not give out warnings If you break them you will be told to leave. 

You must be 21 or over to enter No Exceptions.

No weapons of any kind are allowed this also includes C.C.W.

No Fighting. No Drama. No Disrespectful behavior or arguing.

No Photography is allowed.

No Loitering outside this includes waiting for a ride, phone calls or smoking.

Drugs are strictly prohibited this includes marijuana if you are suspected of being under the influence you will be escorted out. If you bring drugs in I will personal call the police and have you arrested. I have zero tolerance on this.

Please do not litter outside take your trash with you.

Respect our Neighborhood keep noise levels low.

Remember NO MEANS NO! 

Arrive alive do not drink and drive.

This is our home please respect it and everything inside.